Interrelations: Improvisations on quantum physics

© Johan Stjernholm and Katja Vaghi, 2012


The short video Interrelations is an edited collection of a series of improvisations made by Katja Vaghi and Dr. Johan Stjernholm, juxtaposed with additional footage by Dr. Nicola Venturi.

The content of the work is perhaps somewhat ambiguous. The work explicitly states that it is about how certain abstract, scientific concepts may be understood in mundane, sensory terms. However, this may or may not be a valid interpretation. The work may equally be seen as addressing the difficulty, or vanity, in trying to to define a unitary starting point for a choreographic process. Or it could be about something entirely different?

The work could just as well have been named ‘Coincidences’, drawing attention to the question of how concepts such as ‘meaning’ or ‘sense’ appear in our world? Does meaning exist as an inherent feature of the universe, or is meaning the product of skilful storytelling, constructed through a selective and partial editing of phenomena according to the principle of causality?

The above question can take additional philosophical pathways: Is that which we call a coincidence governed by fate, or an entirely subjective interpretation of chance-based events? Moreover, what about the structuralist linguistic tradition versus the arguments of the post-structuralists? Is meaning eternally deferred? How relevant are the concepts of ‘differance’ and ‘deconstruction’ in everyday life?